This magnificent edifice on Northfield Road we inhabit today is the outgrowth of very humble beginnings. Brethren Fellowship of the Savior met for the first time at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church on Van Aken Boulevard in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Our first official Sunday on January 2, 1983 was simply a prayer meeting to garner the interest of future worshippers. Our church soon expanded and overflowed St. Peter’s, with folks even standing outside. We moved to Hope Lutheran Church, our Taylor Road site, in 1985 and eventually the same scenario was repeated, a long line of folks waiting to get in. It was then that the Lord prompted my heart, “Prepare to build”.

At St. Benedict’s Catholic Church, our third location, there came more change. Our quest for land continued as we searched city-wide. Great victory comes out of great adversity. We must follow Godly direction in spite of opposition. Relentlessly, I spent every working day for four years in downtown Cleveland at City Hall trying to secure land.

I would drive up to this wooded Northfield site and ponder the beauty of the woods. Later, as the foundation was dug I watched as water sprang up everywhere, rivers of living water, a sign of future blessings. I thought and I prayed, “Lord, let Your blessings flow in this new place as the water spouts from this land–let it be a symbol of Your presence.”

On Sunday, January 29, 1995 we marched into the new sanctuary. The sacred place was packed, not even standing room. The first message was “Principles Versus Facts”. After service someone asked me, “How did you people do this?” Honestly, I could say, “no one but God, He did this for us.”